Break into Spring with NFB-NEWSLINE & KNFB Reader

Greetings, NFB-NEWSLINE subscribers,

Your NFB-NEWSLINE team wanted to break into spring with our newest publications and tell you how to make the print yours with KNFB Reader’s Spring Break sale.

##New Publications
First, we have added two new publications: Successful Farming and World Politics Review.

Successful Farming is your must-have guide for reliable market forecasts, money-saving product reviews, the latest trends in machinery and tools, specialized advice geared to your region. It’s the magazine farm families turn to for smart, practical solutions to make farming even better.

World Politics Review provides uncompromising analysis of critical global trends to give policymakers, businesspeople and academics the context they need to have the confidence they want. Every day World Politics Review publishes multiple five-minute reads, including Briefings, Columns and Trend Lines.

NFB-NEWSLINE continues to keep up with the latest in technology and breaking news sources. Last year we added two technology breaking news sources, Android Central and Apple Insider. Apple Insider is one of the Internet’s premier sources of information for all things Apple, bringing you the most in-depth coverage and analysis of the latest Apple rumors and insider news surrounding the company, its partners and adversaries. Android Central is your go-to resource for scoops, reviews, videos and podcasts.

##KNFBReader Spring Sell!
KNFB Reader is an award-winning app for iOS and Android smartphones and devices. In the same way NFB-NEWSLINE makes print yours with access to public news information, using the latest technology available, the award-winning KNFB Reader technology gives you access to private and personal print.

Imagine yourself on a beach with the sound of the waves, the smell of the ocean, a drink in hand and the warm sun on your face. Imagine you had no trouble reading your airline boarding passes, checking your taxi receipts, reading the tropical drinks menu and perusing those travel brochures. Imagine all that print was at your fingertips. Imagine you could make all that print yours. Imagine your smartphone could read it to you. With KNFB Reader, you can. KNFB Reader is a mobile app that reads print aloud. It’s easy to use. Take a photo and the app reads the text aloud in clear synthetic speech. And it’s fast-the print will be yours almost instantaneously.

Worried about getting the right photo? Don’t worry, that app will help you. Check out this tutorial video about how to take a picture:
From April 1-5, 2016, KNFB Reader will be having a Spring Break sale with a price of $84.99. To learn more about purchasing KNFB Reader, visit

Live the life you want, make the print yours, and enjoy Spring Break,

Your friends at NFB-NEWSLINE