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The National Federation of the Blind, is a nonprofit organization, we are dependent on contributions to support the many programs and services that encourage independence, self- confidence and improve the quality of life of the blind.  We rely on the generosity of our supporters to help us give blind people the gift of independence and confidence to help raise the expectations of blind people, because low expectations create obstacles between blind people and our dreams.

Contributions help support the following program and services:


ASSISTIVE TECHNOLOGY – A TLC Kit (Tools for Living with Confidents) we wish to provide a few simple basic adaptive aids with audio speech or tactile touch provided to newly blind members for reading, writing, labeling, and notetaking that are essential and a means to the start of a more independent future to manage everyday life. It also includes accessible games to enable the blind to continue interacting with family and friends because vision loss does not have to prevent living an active, healthy, fulfilling life.


TRANSPORTATION – One of the biggest challenges the blind struggle with daily in Gwinnett County is limited or no public transportation and this is a primary factor that contributes to the blind in Gwinnett County staying at home, limited  social involvement and  missed opportunities to receive vital program and services.  Assist blind residents with a portion of travel cost provided by taxi service providers to travel to receive programs and services.


SCHOLARSHIPS – To provide blind members the opportunity of attending local and national workshops, seminars and conventions where the power of learning under dynamic leaders in the field of blindness has become a life-changing experience.  These training events provide a crucial lesson in confidence and no matter what age, that they too, can live a full, productive and independent life.  The convention participants learn and network with members, family, teachers, professionals, employers and various agencies for the blind.  Exhibitors provide information on the latest aids and technology for the blind to enhance their independence and participants form everlasting friendships in an environment of mutual respect. They learn that it is respectable to be blind, that carrying a cane is useful and is nothing to be ashamed of, that Braille is a valuable tool after all, and that much progress is being made in adaptive technology. They also learn that they are not alone, that there are others who are facing the same problems they are, and that an active and normal life is possible and within their reach.

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