Introducing Tales From The Tip: A New NFBGA Blog Series

Garrick Scott

Welcome to the first installment of Tales from the Tip. This is a new blog series from the National Federation of the Blind of Georgia. We will inform, entertain, sustain, and remain…and I would have used three or four other words that rhyme with stain if I could have thought of them.

This is not just my blog, and it is not just your blog. It is our blog. We will share and exchange ideas, opinions, and thoughts. This can also be an opportunity to vent in a professional manner. These blogs are meant to be enjoyed by readers from one to one hundred.

We are entering a new age as it relates to VR services, our students, and their transition process. For the first time, Georgia VR will financially support two of our students to participate in two NFB training center programs. This is the first step in making sure that the students who live in Georgia will get an opportunity to successfully transition into adulthood starting at an earlier age.

We are on the brink of great change! Will it be a quick process? No, but it will be a fruitful one. We should rejoice and celebrate as if we were in a southern church on Sunday. We will be posting tidbits of information such as this on our blog. Until next time…this has been another Tales from the Tip.