Language Beta Testing for KNFB Reader 

We continue to extend the functionality of KNFB Reader. As part of our efforts to put the power of KNFB Reader into the hands of people across the globe, we are adding several additional languages this Spring. We are in need of testers who speak and or read the following languages: Russian, Greek, Czech, Bulgarian, Estonian, Ukrainian, and Indonesian  

If you are familiar with one or more of the above languages, and you have a supported iOS device (see, we need your help.  


Here’s how you can participate:

Send your email address, name, location, phone number, the iOS device you will be using for testing, and the language(s) you will be testing to Please specify “Beta Testing” in the subject of the message. If selected, you will receive a reply message with further instructions.


This Beta cycle will differ from previous ones in that the primary area of testing will be these new languages. Of course, ensuring KNFB Reader continues to function optimally is a concern with new releases, so general testing should be conducted as well. 


Remember, by definition, Beta software is not final release software. The test versions of software you may receive will likely not be identical to the final release software. Throughout the Beta Testing Cycle, the test versions of KNFB Reader will be fully functional. After the cycle ends, the Beta software will cease to function.  


If you are a current owner of KNFB Reader, the test version will over-write your current installation of the app. Once testing is complete, you must remove the test version from the device and re-install the release version of KNFB Reader from the App Store.


Finally, if you know someone whom you believe may be interested in participating, please forward this email to them.  


We appreciate your willingness to take part. Bringing KNFB Reader into the hands of those who need it is another way to help everyone live the lives they want.