THANKS for the NFB

Remember life is what it is
it is what you do with it that matters
do all you can with it
I do that each day of my life

From the desk of Lester Cameron

My name is Lester Cameron, I am 72 years old.  I have been  site in paired all my life and about 12 years ago I went blind.  I have a   5  year old guide dog name  Loreli, a   German Shepard I  have had for 3  years and having a  guide dog has given me a  lot of freedom.

I moved from New Jersey around June 2019 where I was a member of the New Jersey NFB.  When I moved to Georgia, I had no friends so I contacted the President of the NFB of Georgia State Affiliate who put me in contact with Jo Ann Johnson, the President of the NFB of Georgia Gwinnett Family Chapter.  Wow what a great lady she is, Jo Ann told me about  other NFB of Georgia divisions,

resources and interested in what I  wanted to help share  in the meetings  and  we  talked for about one hour and she made me feel right at home.  She invited me to a chapter meeting and transportation is very limited here in Georgia but she is very resourceful and helped me find a driver through the Lions Club who provided me with transportation to my first chapter meeting.

My first meeting was like if I knew the members attending the meeting for a long time.  Everyone made me feel welcome and I have made new friends.  My driver and I  travel close to 1-1/2  hours  to attend these meetings and thank to my driver, I  have had the opportunity of attending 3  meetings and we both look forward each month to participate in these meetings.  Jo Ann gives everyone an opportunity to share and contribute to the meetings.  The majority of the members are new to blindness and I  have a  lot of information to share about  being blind and  Loreli is my second dog and I have about nine years as a  guide dog user, therefore I  have helped 2  members who have just received their guide dogs for the first time.

The presentations and speakers are very informative.   President Jo Ann makes the meetings a learning experience for everyone, the blind, family, friends, guest and the people in the chapter are   great to know.  The NFB is a great organization and the NFB Gwinnett Family Chapter is the greatest.

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