Attending My First NFB Convention

By Tim Cuneio

When I went to my first NFB convention in 2017 it was the first time I traveled by myself in almost 25 years. I was nervous. Because I did not know how to use a cane. But I was using one. Thankfully I had some people at the NFB Gwinnett Family group show me how to use a cane.

When I went to the convention it was very liberating for me. I learned that I can be independent, travel and do things on my own. It has empowered me from that day till now. Because of the national Federation of the Blind convention, I have now learned how to use a cane. I was given the opportunity to go to Leader Dog‘s for the blind which had a booth at the convention. And then four months later after getting my O&M training, I went back and got me a guide dog. The NFB convention has enriched my life because of this.

I have learned new technologies from the National Federation of the Blind. I have met many friends that are in the same boat as I am. And understand what I am going through, which people in my life and family do not understand what I’m going through. It’s always good to be around people of your own kind.

I highly recommend all our new members and those who have never been to the National NFB convention to do it. There’s a lot of stuff you will find out about yourself. There’s a lot of stuff you will learn. And you will make lasting memories that will last a lifetime. I have gone to three conventions. Twice in Orlando, and once in Las Vegas Nevada. And I will continue to go to them As much as I can. Every year I learn something new and find a new adventure.

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