Augusta Central Savannah River Area Chapter

Augusta Central Savannah River Area Chapter

Augusta CSRA Chapter (Central Savannah River Area)

The Augusta Central Savannah River Area (CSRA) Chapter was founded in 2018 by the late, great Gaylon Tootle. We believe that blind/visually impaired people can “live the lives we want.” The Augusta CSRA Chapter promotes advocacy (collectively and individually), community, and has adopted an ‘each one, teach one’ approach to blindness. Our goal is to assist and promote education, technology, and training for the local sight impaired community.


Lyn Eberhardt, President

(513) 884-2132 10a-8p

Page Carlyle, Vice President

(762) 245-9194; 9a-6p

Tatiana Amill, Secretary

(608) 477-8651; 9a-6p

Barbara Bell-Tootle, Treasurer

(706) 284-1738; 11a-6p

Sharon Mack, Board Member

(864) 534-5174; 10a-6p



The Augusta CSRA Chapter promotes the policies and programs of the National Federation of the Blind. We aim to get members accessible technology and training.  Funds will also assist members who wish to attend conferences, conventions, and other social activities. Donations are accepted via check or PayPal. Please contact the Treasurer for additional information.


Augusta CSRA Chapter Articles



Accessible Pharmacy

Levell Keeling, Director of Business

Development (Georgia, Alabama, South Carolina)

(706) 691-8246


Augusta Public Library (Headquarters/Main)

823 Telfair Street

(706) 821-2600


Masters Transport Ministries

Randy Gossert

(706) 755-5188


TNT Transportation

(706) 722-7300


Walton Options Center for Independent Living

948 Walton Way

(706) 724-6262


Meetings: We hold our meetings on the second Saturday of every month; either in-person (hybrid) or via Zoom at 10:30 am. Please contact a member of the Board for more information.

Chapter Contact Person

Chapter President: Lyn Eberhardt

(513) 884-2132