Gwinnett Family Chapter Programs and Services

Education & Outreach Services - we provide to schools and the public about the misconceptions and lack of information which exist about blindness through our workshops in    sighted guide techniques, sensitivity training and the importance of braille literacy with braille reading and writing activities and attend health fairs and other community activities.

  Community Engagement - we  seek and welcome the opportunity to work alongside and strategically partner with other community groups and organizations because when misconceptions and lack of information about blindness exist, the blind integration into society on the basis of equality is limited and through community partnerships, we can work together on issues facing our community. We demonstrate that the blind are normal individuals who can compete on terms of equality and together, we can make a difference.

Volunteers are very important.  One of the biggest challenges the blind struggle with daily in Gwinnett County is limited or no public transportation and this is a primary factor that contributes to the blind in Gwinnett County staying at home, limited  social involvement and  missed opportunities to receive vital program and services.  Volunteers provide transportation and/or assistance at monthly chapter meetings, community outreach activities, partnerships projects, training workshops and quarterly social activities.

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