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Negative attitudes and mistaken perceptions about blindness are the largest barriers to our independence and full participation in society.  Unfortunately, the general public believes that blind people should be relegated to the role of dependent, custodial beneficiaries of society’s good will.  Equally as offensive, others feel the blind are extraordinary simply because we perform the fundamental tasks, and accept the basic responsibilities, that are expected from all citizens.  To counter these negative attitudes and mistaken perceptions, the NFB of Georgia works aggressively to empower blind people with a positive self-concept of independence and self-worth, while simultaneously educating the public about the true potential of the blind.  We strive to promote positive, inclusive, perceptions of blind people, so that we can exercise our right, like any other American, to live, work, and play in our communities and be appreciated as everyday people living life every day.
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The National Federation of the Blind of Georgia (NFBGA) is a 501-C(3) non-profit volunteer organization, all donations are tax-deductable. Established in 1972, and chartered in 1973 as a state affiliate of thee largest organization of blind people in the nation, the National Federation of the Blind.  Our national organization is composed of more than 50 affiliates, with 700 local chapters, consisting of over 50 thousand blind individuals. Click here to learn more about our national organization.