Garden City Chapter

Garden City Chapter

Welcome to the NFB GA garden city chapter, which was founded August 2023 by Dr. Bishop Rutledge- President and Grace Dixon- Vice president. We believe blindness is not what defines us. We are 100% committed to Hard work and dedication to changing the world's outlook of what blindness means to success. Defining what it really means to be blind in this world today.  Where we look to change the lives of blind and disabled people, not just in the state of Georgia, but throughout the nation. By us for us and nothing will change without us in legislation, housing and the quality of life that we live in our communities throughout this nation


NFB Ga Garden City Chapter Board

Dr. Bishop Rutledge, President

Phone: 718-200-7441


Grace Dixon, Vice President


Erin Geddis, Secretary


Cynthia Wells, Treasurer



The following are helpful links within the Garden City Chapter area

Tools for Life: 10 steps of advocacy

NFBGa Garden City Resources

Ga Garden City Restaurants to visit


Meetings: Third Saturday of every month From: 12 p.m. 3 p.m.

Chapter Contact Person

Chapter President: Dr. Bishop Rutledge