Peach PAC Plan

For over forty nine years, the National Federation of the Blind of Georgia has championed the rights of the blind and low vision community giving members much needed hope and independence. Our organization is a 501C-3 volunteer consumer advocacy organization where our overall goal is the complete integration of the blind into society based on equality.

Through our efforts, we’ve managed to blaze a trail in overall personal development, and now we are reaching out to you today in hopes of gaining your support in continuing to transform the world’s beliefs on what it means to be blind.

Improving the quality of life of blind people is our top priority, and we begin this process at the youth level with our NFB Braille Enrichment for Literacy and Learning® (BELL) program, this is our  annual life skills workshop catering to Braille and mobility training while our Georgians Empowering through Mentoring Success program (GEMS), continues to build upon the fundamentals—incorporating workshops centered around professional life skills, technology and money management. To date, both programs have served over 500 children and young adults and have been our most successful youth launch thus far.

Studies show that unemployment rates for blind people have risen to a high of 19.8% as of 2011, and that number steadily continues to climb.

This is mainly due to the lack of access to quality development programs and training resources that can better equip them in achieving gainful employment. However, with your help, we can reduce those numbers! Your financial contribution would directly impact our training division and provide resources and support for the numerous development programs we offer for both young adults and senior members.

We are asking for your support by becoming a donor to continue to lead the way to complete independence.

We would like to introduce to you the National Federation of the Blind of Georgia, Peach PAC Plan. This new system will allow you to support the NFB of Georgia by using your debit or credit card, to make a one-time or a recurring monthly donation. Along with your support, hope and determination, they will continue living the lives they want.

This system is set up to process your donation through PayPal, you just have to click on the link provided below. Once you click on the link, it will open a form, that will ask you to provide the amount of your donation. The form also provides an option for you to set your contribution as a one-time or a monthly recurring deduction, through the use of your debit or credit card, to be sent to the NFB of Georgia.

The National Federation of the Blind of Georgia Peach PAC Plan link:

It is easy to make a donation to the NFB of Georgia!

When making a one-time donation to the NFB of Georgia, the PayPal system will not require you to set up an account. When you click on the link the system will open a form that will allow you to enter the amount of your donation along with your debit or credit card information, in order to process your gift.

We know that most will want to set up a monthly recurring contribution, but not set up a PayPal account. There is a way for you to do this , you can honor a yearly gift to the NFB of Georgia using this same system. You just decide what donation amount you would like to give, and then multiply that amount by twelve months, and that total will be entered as your one-time payment donation.

Here are some examples of what you may enter, there is no limit on your gift.

Donating $5.00 multiplied by 12 months is $60.00
Donating $10.00 multiplied by 12 months is $120.00
Donating $15.00 multiplied by 12 months is $180.00
Donating $20.00 multiplied by 12 months is $240.00
Donating $25.00 multiplied by 12 months is $300.00
Donating $50.00 multiplied by 12 months is $600.00

Or you may enter any donation you desire, all are appreciated.

Monthly Contribution:

When processing a donation, the PayPal system will also give you the option to make your contribution a recurring monthly gift sent to the NFB of Georgia. In order to do this, the system will require that you have a PayPal account. Setting up this account will allow you to have control of any changes that you would like to make concerning your contribution. This will also authorize the PayPal system to process an automatic  deduction from your debit or credit card account of the amount you have approved, to be sent to the NFB of Georgia each month

Any contributions received will be deposited into the NFB of Georgia general fund and will allow us to continue to assist the blind citizens of Georgia. There has never been a better time to join the fight and help lead the change in blind and low vision independence. Any donation that you can contribute will be greatly appreciated.