Senior Bragging Rights

Berniece Byrd, age 74, went sky diving June 15, 2019.

 Willard Walker, 63 and John Smith, 71 (brothers) participated in the Peachtree Road Race July 4, 2019. They walked the 6.2 mile race in two hours and forty one minutes! 

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Anita Henderson sold the most Krispy Kreme donut coupons. She sold 22 coupons and won $50.00.

Diane Simms is retiring after working 17 years for the Board of Regents on December 23, 2019.

Debbie McDonald will finish her eight year term of service on the Board of the Statewide Independent Living Council of Georgia. January 9, 2020. The last two years, she served as Secretary. 

Vanessa Meadows had her twentieth-year anniversary working for the Board of Regents as of September 7, 2019.

Note: Going to find a picture of the Red Hot Senior t-shirt.


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